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Restumping Williamstown


For leading local restumping solutions, Williamstown residents want to be sure they are working with an experienced and qualified team. That is why they call the professionals here at S & M Concrete Stumps & Products.


Restumping, also known as reblocking, is the process of lifting specific sections of a property to assess the condition of the stumps beneath it and provide an highly accurate and detailed installation service of durable and high-quality new stumps. If you have noticed that your property has begun to tilt slightly to one side, that the floor creaks as you walk across it, or that there are cracks appearing and growing on the walls, then it is likely that you will need to have the stumps below the floor replaced.


For more information on our services in installing adjustable house stumps and concrete stumps, williamstown residents simply have to pick up the phone and call the S & M Concrete Stumps & Products team today.


The Trusted Name in Steel & Concrete Stumps Across Williamstown


Here at S & M Concrete Stumps & Products is the name to remember for timber and concrete stump services in Williamstown and throughout the surrounding suburbs.


We provide a comprehensive assessment of each property we work on, allowing our team to determine exactly what kind of replacement stumps will deliver the most effective and lasting results for our customers. If we decide that concrete stumps are not appropriate then we may suggest other trusted solutions such as adjustable steel stumps, galvanised house stumps, concrete pavers, and metal house stumps. Local customers aso turn to our team for leading services in subfloor extensions.


Call 03 9324 0802 today for all further enquiries.

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