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Supplies For Restumping In Ringwood

S & M Concrete Stumps & Products supplies concrete and steel stumps for builders and restumping professionals. We can also recommend the best services for homeowners when it comes to restumping in Ringwood.

If your doors are jamming or your windows won’t open and close properly, you might have a problem below the surface. The timber stumps below your property may have become disfigured, warped, and rotten, leading to problems with your foundations.

To deal with this problem quickly, effectively, and methodically, you need restumping. Also known as reblocking, this is the process of replacing your timber stumps with superior concrete or steel alternatives.

We supply concrete and steel foundations because of their strength, durability, and low maintenance. With concrete stumps, Ringwood builders and their clients can enjoy long-lasting peace of mind and reduced wear and tear on their structure. With steel stumps, you can create a strong foundation that’s resistant to termites, chemicals, and much more.

Steel and concrete stumps can also be used for stump subfloor extensions, helping you take complete advantage of your available space.

To enquire about concrete and steel stump supplies for restumping in Ringwood, contact S & M Concrete Stumps & Products today.

Concrete Stumps, Pavers, Sleepers, Posts, and More in Ringwood

Whatever other concrete supplies you need in Ringwood, our team can provide. We specialise in a wide range of concrete supply services. From concrete bags to stepping stones, we can help you. Our products include:

  • Concrete park stops: Perfect for parking lots to delineate parking spaces
  • Concrete sleepers: Make a concrete retaining wall the structural backbone of your project
  • Concrete pavers: Perfect for everything from driveways to patios

Explore our full range of products online and contact S & M Concrete Stumps Products with any enquiries you may have.

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