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Supplies for Restumping in Greensborough

If you’ve discovered that the timber stumps below your home are rotten, warped, or disfigured, you need to restump your home. Restumping, otherwise known as reblocking, is the process of replacing your old timber foundations with steel or concrete stumps. Greensborough homes and commercial properties can benefit from both steel and concrete foundations, and our team can supply either option.

We supply concrete stumps to restumping professionals. We recommend these products for their stability, strength, support, and weight distribution qualities. They can reduce wear and tear and they will last for years in all weather conditions, including high humidity climates. To enquire about supplies for concrete restumping in Greensborough, contact us now.


S & M Concrete Stumps & Products also supplies steel stumps for builders. Contact our team to learn more about our steel stumps for restumping in Greensborough.


Perfect for restumping and timber stump subfloor extensions, our steel and concrete stumps will provide a strong foundation that lasts for years to come. If you’re a homeowner searching for restumping services, our team can also recommend the best restumping professionals near Greensborough for you.


Concrete Stumps, Pavers, Sleepers, Posts, and More in Greensborough


If it’s a concrete solution, S & M Concrete Stumps & Products will do it for you. As well as steel and concrete stumps, we also specialise in supplying:


  • Concrete pavers for driveways, walkways, patios, etc.
  • Concrete park stops for car parks
  • Concrete sleepers for retaining walls and all your landscaping needs
  • Concrete bags for all your concreting needs


Explore our full range of supplies and call S & M Concrete Stumps & Products today to get started.

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