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Galvanised Steel Stumps In Melbourne

If the earth beneath a property shifts, it can lead to cracks in the walls, faulty windows and doors, and much more. The whole foundation can be compromised.

To give any property a solid, strong, sturdy, and level support, choose the steel stumps from the S & M team. We supply builders with adjustable house stumps in a wide variety of sizes and lengths to suit any project.

At S & M Concrete Stumps & Products, you can be sure that you will be supplied with high-quality galvanised steel stumps. All our products have been designed and manufactured for property construction purposes and we take pride in supplying the highest grade of steel products.

Our Specifications

All our adjustable house stumps come with a plate of your choice and size that is welded on the bottom. The different plates offered can be suitable for placing the stump into the pad footing or bolting it into concrete. In addition to this, each of our steel stumps also have a top that can either be an angle plate to support the timber or have a threaded rod that can have a length of your choice. Each of our steel stumps are also galvanised, allowing us to provide you with long-term, durable support for your project. Providing extra protection from the elements, you won’t have to worry about rusting and subsequent corrosion of foundations with our steel stumps.

We are one of the leaders in our field when it comes to supplying top-grade galvanised steel stumps in Melbourne. For wherever you are in Melbourne or Victoria, including in regional areas such as Geelong or Bendigo, Ballarat or locally in Melbourne, we can provide a premium solution for you.

We Value Long Term Durability & Stability

We take into account all the possible measures that would provide each property with great support. Our adjustable house stumps are designed and manufactured to stand tall in all types of adverse situations. They are resistant to termite attacks and chemical damage, among other things.

Our galvanised steel stumps in Melbourne hold the distinction of being one of the most reliable in Australia. And when you partner with S & M Concrete Stumps & Products, you can expect unmatched quality at the best price.

We have a comprehensive list of all the different types of steel stumps on offer from our team, and our experts will assist you in the decision-making process, ensuring you get the perfect foundation.

For a free quote, contact us today. We deliver our steel stumps to all suburbs in Melbourne and across Victoria.

steel stumps

The Name To Remember For Adjustable Stumps In Melbourne

For a simple, straightforward, and hassle-free alternative to traditional support stumps, there is no better choice than adjustable house stumps.

Adjustable house stumps allow for complete accuracy and precision when it comes to finding the right height for each individual stump. In a reblocking process there is no room for error, and adjustable steel stumps ensure that all measurements can be dialled in correctly, ensuring that customers are provided with noticeable and long-term results.

Because each stump can be adjusted individually without having to be removed from the ground, the reblocking process can also be completed much faster than normal, while still providing the same comprehensive and trusted results that customers have come to expect from the S & M Concrete Stumps & Products team.

To learn more about our available services and solutions regarding adjustable steel stumps, Melbourne customers simply have to pick up the phone and call S & M Concrete Stumps & Products today on 03 9324 0802.