stump subfloor

Why Do You Need Stump Subfloors for Your Melbourne House?

  • Is your house present on a surface that is uneven?
  • Is your house present on the surface that is sloping?
  • Are you willing to give your old house the extension?

Well, to all these, subfloors play a crucial role. We, S & M Concrete Stumps & Products is the leading supplier and service provider of a wide range of products and materials of the highest standard.

stump subfloor
What Is Subfloor? in Case if You Have Many Stumps and Columns, Then the Possibility Is That Your House Has Subfloors. The Height of the Stumps Varies According to the Lie of the Ground. The Purpose Is to Make Sure That the Floor Remains Perfectly Levelled.

Apart from this, it is equally important to make sure that the house has enough stumps to bear the load of the house. The engineering of the stump is such that it supports the maximum strength. The function of the stump subfloor in Melbourne is to make sure that it holds the floor frame and subsequently the surface as well.

Installation of Stump Subfloors for the Installation of Stumps, What Needs Precision Is the Measurement. Every Other Part of the Building’s Construction Is Dependent, and Hence, Accuracy Plays a Crucial Role.
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What Are They Made Of?Unlike the Conventional Stumps That Were Made of Wood, the Modern Day Stumps Are Made up of Reinforced Concrete. The Best Part of These Types Is That These Can Be Adjusted According to the Requirement. The Installation of the Stumps in Most of the Cases Is Done in Any of the Following Two Ways-
  • One of the ways is to install the entire beam and flooring frame at the right position with the help of packer and props. The low floor uses jacks or bricks; and for the high floors, acro props are used. When everything has been set in perfect, the bearers are attached to the stumps. The holes in which the entire system has is suspended is then filled with concrete. Finally, when everything is set, the flooring material is ready to be installed.
  • Another way is to place the stump in the holes and then pouring concrete into it. This process needs a lot of precision as every alignment needs to be correct. The right position and height of the stump are allowed to set with the concrete in the holes.
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Why Stump Subfloors?

Stump Subfloor Has a Lot of Advantages Associated With It. It Has Eased the Construction Work on Rugged Terrain by Evading the Efforts That Were Put On to Dig the Entire Area to Lay the Foundation on the Even Surface. Its Use Has Been Quite Popular Because It Can Be Adjusted Accordingly.