Steel Stumps
Steel Stumps

Adjustable Galvanised Steel Stumps in Melbourne to Level your House

You might be knowing the consequences if the earth on which your house stands shifts. It will lead to the formation of cracks on the walls and disturbances in the proper operations of the doors and windows.

The good news is that now this problem can be fixed. With the use of steel house stumps, it has now been easy to give the property a solid flat support irrespective of the movement. The purpose of the adjustable steel house stumps in Melbourne ensures the possible adjustment be made to keep the house levelled. Each of these stumps has a threshold of adjustment that can be made or achieved depending upon the requirements.

At S & M Concrete Stumps & Products Pty Ltd, you would get a range of high quality durable galvanised steel stumps. All our products stand in accordance with the need for construction or the property. We take pride in supplying steel products of the highest grade.

steel house stumps
Our Specifications

All our steel house stumps come with a plate that is welded on the concrete base. In addition to it, it also has a top plate with several configurations ensuring the adjustment of the column is made accordingly.We look forward to providing you with long-term, durable support. This is why the steel stumps we supply are galvanised. We are one of the leaders in the field of supplying Australia grade galvanised steel stumps in Melbourne. These steel posts give an extra protection from the elements that lead to rusting and subsequently corrosion.

galvanised steel stumps in Melbourne
We Value the Long Term Durability & Stability

We take into account all the possible measures that would provide your property with great support. Our steel house stumps are particularly designed and manufactured to stand tall in all types of adverse situations. Steel being resistant to termite attack or any other chemical effect, this can be the perfect option.

With customisable length, our threaded galvanised steel stumps in Melbourne hold the distinction of being one of the reliable in Australia. At S & M Concrete Stumps & Products Pty Ltd, expect unmatched quality at the best price.
We have a comprehensive list of all the different types of steel stumps (galvanised, threaded). We also assist you in the process of decision-making.

For a free quote, contact us at 03 9324 0802. We deliver our products in Melbourne and its suburbs like Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Broadmeadows.

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